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Staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of the Arts showcased their creativity during the second TUT Arts Festival hosted on the Arts Campus from 17 – 19 September.

It is with great sadness that Heita! has learnt of the sudden passing of ELSA NIEMOLLER (right), a Visual Communication (Photography) student, earlier this year. Elsa captured several images that were featured on Heita! landing pages over the past years. We would like to pay tribute to her exceptional talent behind the lens with this month’s striking cover image, which also carries her creative signature.

just send your name and cell no to on or before 8 November 2019. Mark the subject field: BOWL

To win this


Load shedding inspires winning artwork

Patrick Rulore (24), a Fine and Applied Arts student at the Faculty of the Arts, has added his name to the impressive list of winners of the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition. He was named the overall winner of the prestigious competition at the Pretoria Art Museum on 21 August with a work that has an interesting take on load shedding.

Patrick has won the coveted award for his oil on canvas work, titled Stage 4 moments.


In his painting, Patrick has captured the typical behaviour of his family during load shedding. The winning artwork celebrates the fact that all electrical devices are set aside during these blackouts, allowing the family to interact with each other, face to face, to talk, laugh and play games.


"As soon as the electricity comes back, we resume our earlier activities in isolation,” he says.


Patrick’s primary medium is paint and he uses both oils and acrylics. “I am fascinated by the complexity of the human body (male and female) and attempt to discover its magic on the canvas. I always endeavour to capture the emotions and spirit of each individual I paint. To achieve this, I manipulate and play with colours, textures, paint and brush marks,” he adds.

“This painting does not complain about load shedding, it rather celebrates dark moments given into by these circumstances."

Patrick’s winning work titled Stage 4 moments.

As the winner, Patrick walks away with a cash prize of R100 000 and the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum in 2020.


Alumna Kgodisho Moloto received a merit award for her work about gender-based violence. Also among the Top 100 were Viola Greying (a current student), Thabo Pitso (alumnus), Nicholas Prinsloo (alumnus), and Boikanyo Mashigo (a current student).

Patrick Rulore (24), a Fine and Applied Arts student, is the winner of the 2019 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition.

International honour for Film students

After Robot

Parkour the art of movement

As a full member of CILECT, the Film Programme student entries After Robot and Parkour the art of movement collected awards in the CILECT African Regional Association (CARA) division of the competition for 2019, beating many other established film schools on the continent. This division comprises three categories of entry (Fiction, Documentary, and Animation) with TUT’s Film Programme taking first place in two of the categories.


Karabelo Shirinde, Producer and Director of After Robot, and her production crew of four, third-year Film students, won outright first place in the Fiction category. Mathona Magopeni, Producer, and Hein Botha, Director of the first-year film Parkour the art of movement, together with their production crew of four students, tied in first place in the Documentary category.


Regarded as the most prestigious competition for student productions, internationally, the submissions are peer-reviewed and graded by the full member institutions across the globe and, therefore, it carries a meaningful weight.


CILECT includes over 180 audio-visual educational institutions from 65 countries on six continents.

The Film Programme of the Department of Drama and Film (Film) has bagged top awards at this year’s International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT) annual film competition.

The 24-year old first-year Multimedia student didn’t give up. He took a gap year in 2015, followed by Engineering studies at the Tshwane South College, and, in 2018 gave his dream to become a Graphic Designer another go.


This time round he was successful; and earlier this year he joined the young creatives studying at the Faculty of the Arts. Tshepo says that he doesn’t speak much and has always used pictures as a way to communicate. “This interest was sparked while watching Dragonballs, a cartoon series on television."


“I used to mimic the characters and still has a book in which I drew each one of them,” he recalls. “I’m the only guy from my area (Hammanskraal) who is into this stuff.”


He is a keen fan of Jim Lee, a Korean-American comic-book artist, writer, editor, and publisher, and religiously follows his tutorials on YouTube.

Asked to describe his work, Tshepo says it depends on his mood. “I would usually draw unusual things, such as aliens and characters from medieval times,” he adds.


He sees himself working for a big film production company in ten years’ time. Watch this space!

Tshepo Ndlovu’s first attempt at applying at the University failed, but as the saying goes, perseverance pays off.

An example of Tshepo’s work.

Tshepo Ndlovu (24) is a young Graphic Designer to look out for.

MBA student handpicked for SA Startup Awards

Armand Aimé Eroko A Zintchem (33), an MBA student at TUT’s Business School, and Postgraduate Teaching Staff Assistant at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is a finalist competing for the 2019 Southern African Startup Awards. He told Heita! more about himself and his entry.

WHERE WERE YOU BORN AND BRED? I was born in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon. I studied in French from nursery school to university level. I enrolled for a Master’s degree in Water Care at TUT under the supervision of Prof Maggie Momba in 2012. After completing this degree, I enrolled for an MBA.


WHAT IS THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN STARTUP AWARDS ALL ABOUT? The Southern African Startup Awards is a circuit of the Global Startup Awards, which first arrived in Africa in 2017 and launched in the Southern African (SADC) region in 2018. Its mission is to connect, support, and celebrate key players in national and regional start-up ecosystems worldwide and to fuse them together in a Global Entrepreneurial Network. More than 2 400 nominations from organisations and individuals in 15 countries were submitted to the awards this year for consideration in 18 categories.


YOU MUST BE QUITE CHUFFED TO BE A FINALIST . . . Yes, since 2016, I’m very fortunate to have been a finalist in several competitions related to entrepreneurship.


YOU ARE COMPETING IN THE CATEGORY BEST WATER CRISIS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. TELL US MORE. South Africa is an emerging and developing country depending on mining industries. Yet, it is also a big producer of wastes. In addition, it has to deal with climate change, deforestation and the pollution of water resources. Therefore, our team would like to manufacture a biological product capable to purify wastewater and also provide services to maintain equipment for agricultural purposes. There is a huge need to investigate alternative brine treatment technologies that will be cheap and fast with low energy requirements. Briefly, we are offering services aimed at the purification of polluted soil and groundwater. Our unique selling point is that our product, called Afrobacteria, is environmentally friendly for the purification of the brine (salted water) wastewater.

The distinguishing features of our service are: Water will have no chemical pollutants; Water with halophilic bacterial strains will improve soil structure and fertility, and also assist in fixing nitrogen and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere; and Purified water will address the problem of water scarcity, which is one of the effects of climate change (Sustainable Development Goal 13/United Nations Development Programme) in South Africa (Semi-Arid Country).


• The winner of the competition will receive an incubation for marketing purposes.

"There is a huge need to investigate alternative brine treatment technologies that will be cheap and fast with low energy requirements."

Armand Aimé Eroko A Zintchem (33), an MBA student, is a finalist competing for the 2019 Southern African Startup Awards.

The prestigious travel bursaries are awarded every year to students and/or members of junior lecturer status. It covers the cost of an all-expenses-paid three-week educational tour of England and Scotland, and a stop-over in Addis Ababa to visit the African Union.


The bursaries were established in terms of the will of Sir Abe Bailey, who died in 1940. The objectives of the travel bursary are, among others, to broaden the views of young South Africans, to effect greater cooperation and understanding of different viewpoints and opinions among those with various language and cultural backgrounds, and to encourage open debate that demonstrates leadership and mutual respect of others.


The host in the United Kingdom is the Goodenough College in London. The selected travel bursars from South African universities will gather in Cape Town on 24 November, spend three days for orientation, and depart for Addis Ababa on 27 November, and then go on to London on 30 November.


Anne-marie has travelled abroad before. The first time was in 2013

when she participated in the World Championships for Performing

Her opera idols are German operatic tenor, Jonas Kaufmann, and one of America's finest artists and singers, Frederica von Stade, who is also a mezzo-soprano.

Arts in Los Angeles, USA, where she bagged two bronze medals for her singing. In 2014, she represented her school, the Hans Strijdom High School, at a field hockey tournament in China.


Anne-marie says as a child she has always participated in cultural activities and that the classical music bug bit her when she was about 13. Her opera idols are German operatic tenor, Jonas Kaufmann, and one of America's finest artists and singers, Frederica von Stade, who is also a mezzo-soprano.


The Abe Bailey Travel and Bursary Tour will officially end in London on 21 December.

Vocal Art student off to London

TUT’s recipient of one of this year’s Abe Bailey Trust and Travel Bursaries, third-year Vocal Art student, Anne-marie Mailovich (20), will soon find out if there’s any truth in the saying that “If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.” The talented mezzo-soprano, who hails from Mookgophong (Naboomspruit) in the Limpopo province, says it was like a dream coming true when she heard the good news and that it took some time to sink in.

Anne-marie Mailovich (20), a third-year Vocal Art student, is TUT’s recipient of one of this year’s Abe Bailey Trust and Travel Bursaries.


All work and no play make Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (and girl).


LALA MUYUTU (23), a Film student at the Arts Campus (BRAAI FORK & KNIFE SET), and PHUMZILE DUBE (25), Food Technology, Arcadia Campus; GERKA RAKGOLELA (24), B Ed, Soshanguve-North Campus; PHUMELELA NGOMANE (23), Biotechnology, Arcadia Campus; TLHOLOGELO SEDIBA (18), Food Technology, Arcadia Campus; CLYFORD NONG (23), Agricultural Development and Extension, Pretoria Campus; and KEAMOGETSWE MAHOME (20), Entertainment Technology, Arts Campus (15-YEAR CELEBRATORY BOOK).



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