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Vol12 no1 2020

LET EVERY STEP YOU TAKE IN 2020 BE ONE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! This edition’s cover image was captured by Visual Communication (Photography) student MPHO LANGA (22).

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Who are TUT’s best lecturers? Take a look at the title holders of each of the University’s seven Faculties named at the 2019 Academic Excellence Awards.

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ECONOMICS & FINANCE Sarique du Preez

ARTS & DESIGN Chantelle van Wyk

SCIENCE Dr Reinette Gouws-Meyer


HUMANITIES Dr Dee Khosa-Shikwambana


Dear student,


Welcome to the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). I hope you had a safe and pleasant festive season. It is a privilege to communicate with you at the beginning of what promises to be an interesting and successful year. This correspondence is symbolic as it is not only my first letter to you for the year, but also my first letter in the new decade. I look forward to meeting and sharing wonderful moments with as many of you as possible during the year.


The beginning of a new year comes with the prospect of building new relationships and exploring new opportunities. You have made the right choice by joining the TUT family. Student Affairs and Extracurricular Development (SAED) is here to help you towards becoming a well-rounded graduate that is ready to respond to global socio-economic needs. I, together with other SAED staff members, will help to make your adventure at TUT an enjoyable one.


Together, we will work hard towards creating a safe and fun environment that is conducive for your learning and development to take place. I am really motivated by the energy and excitement that I’ve seen from students around our campuses, especially our first-year students. I am impressed by your enthusiasm and curiosity about your new home and I am committed to support all of you in pursuit of your hopes and dreams - I believe together we will achieve greatness.

You carry with you not only your personal aspirations, but also the hopes of your parents and families. Some of you are first-generation university students and have been blessed with the opportunity to come to University. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to work hard academically and inspire generations after you to also work hard to be able to study at TUT one day. You can only do so by setting a good example as a scholar and a good global citizen. It is also upon you to make sure that you leave TUT better than you found it, by being a constructively active student who adds value to the lives of other students as well as the University at large.


I would like to wish you all the best for the year. Until we chat again, may 2020 be the start of an amazing future!


Prof Elsabe Coetzee

Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Affairs and Extracurricular Development (SAED)


I am really motivated
by the energy and
excitement that I’ve seen
from students around
our campuses, especially

our first-year students.

 from Prof Elsabe

If fashion is your passion and you can’t wait to see what’s on-trend this year, don’t worry, Heita! attended the Fashion Design & Technology Programme’s annual student fashion show hosted at 012 Central end of last year. We picked the designs of 20 trendsetters to feature in our first edition of 2020.


BEFORE YOU TRAVELLED TO THE UK, YOU MADE A PIT STOP IN ADDIS ABABA TO VISIT THE AFRICAN UNION (AU). WHAT WAS THAT LIKE? It was incredible to see the structures that hold Africa together. The Union has many innovative ideas and I hope that they will be implemented in the near future.


YOUR TRAVEL COMPANIONS WERE STUDENTS FROM OTHER SA UNIVERSITIES. I GUESS YOU MADE A LOT OF NEW FRIENDS. I made friends who will hopefully last for a lifetime. All my fellow bursars are incredible and very talented in their fields of study. They are so inspiring and I hope that I will get to see them shine in the futures that they make for themselves.


DO YOU THINK YOUR PEERS SHARE THE SAME HOPES AND DREAMS AS YOU, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY COME FROM, AND WHAT ARE THOSE HOPES AND DREAMS? We all have different ideas and visions for the future of the world. It gave us a lot to talk about. Yet, in the bigger picture, we all share the dream of equality and peace for all South Africans and the people of this world.


DO YOU AGREE THAT TRAVELLING BROADENS THE MIND? Yes, it certainly does. It forces you to look at the world from the perspective of different people from different backgrounds.

WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY ABROAD AND HOW DO YOU CHANGE THAT? Honestly, the people that we met were very positive about South Africa. There were not many things that were assumed about us that were not based on facts. Topics that came up in a lot of discussions were very serious, such as gender-based violence, xenophobia and the corruption that plagues our Government. These things need to be addressed and eradicated by us as a nation.


HOW WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE FELLOW STUDENTS TO APPLY FOR THIS BURSARY? Please take the chance. I did not think I was good enough, but I tried and never stopped trying. Believe in yourself. If you love to learn and have a genuine interest in the British culture, I would say go for it. Work hard and be a leader in your community. Be a mentor to students around you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you have the honour to be chosen, you will be part of this Trust for the rest of your life. This bursary aims to create social cohesion and open debate between the United Kingdom and South Africa. Keep an eye out for it. If you meet the requirements, you should give it your best shot. Who knows? Maybe you will be the next Abe Bailey Travel bursar who gets to keep Keith, the Programme Director, on his toes.



Anne-marie Mailovich (21), Vocal Art student and TUT’s Abe Bailey bursar of 2019, has just returned from the UK where she embarked on an all-expenses-paid three-week educational tour of England and Scotland. Heita! chatted to her about the experience.

Anne-marie Mailovich (21)

Check out some pictures of Anne-marie’s travels on Page 5

In the bigger picture,
we all share the
dream of equality and
peace for all South
Africans and the
people of this world.

The bursaries were established in terms of the will of Sir Abe Bailey, who died in 1940. The objectives are, among others, to broaden the views of young South Africans, to effect greater cooperation and understanding of different viewpoints and opinions among those with various language and cultural backgrounds, and to encourage open debate that demonstrates leadership and mutual respect of others.

Tower Bridge

Shakespeare's house

The House of Lords

The Burn

The Royal Opera House

Anne-marie Mailovich (21), TUT’s Abe Bailey bursar of 2019, shares with us her educational tour of England and Scotland in pictures.

TELL US ABOUT SOME OF THE MOST INTERESTING PLACES THAT YOU VISITED AND THE MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE YOU MET IN THE UK? I don't know where to start because every day was filled with excitement and the adventure of meeting different people and seeing all the history that the UK has to offer. A few things that I remember rather fondly are visiting various museums, dining with Lords from the House of Lords, and seeing the British and Scottish Parliaments. We travelled to all the famous sights of London, like the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge onto the Thames River, walking to Loch Lee in Glenesk, listening to discussions in front of the fireplace at The Burn, seeing Buckingham Palace, Glamis Castle, Edinburgh Castle, and many other sites. Visiting the home and birthplace of William Shakespeare, punting on the river Cam of Cambridge, and walking into the Colleges of Oxford were also highlights. We had the honour to watch the plays Hamilton, The Mousetrap and The museum in Baghdad, a Westminster organ recital and Christmas Carols in the Royal Albert Hall. We met the mayor of Camden, the High Commissioner of South Africa to the UK, and former SA politician who now stays in the UK, Andrew Feinstein, along with many other people. We were constantly surrounded by brilliant people and beautiful places. The list is endless. I was also very privileged to meet South African soprano and TUT alumna, Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha, in the Royal Opera House.

Kgosi and Kgosigadi (meaning King and Queen) is a men’s and ladies’ perfume brand created in 2016 by Rearabetswe and Lenah while studying for their Diplomas in Chemical Engineering and Entrepreneurship, respectively. They combined their skills and knowledge to develop a new perfume that does not only smell good, but that is affordable, long-lasting and does not irritate one’s skin. “These elements distinguish our brand from others,” they say.


Rearabetswe and Lenah agree that to get the brand going was a journey, which included lots of trials and errors. “Our biggest challenge was getting funding for our products. We even had to save from our pocket money,” they add. They persevered and eventually received financial support from two gentlemen who later on decided to partner with them.


Rearabetswe Dire and Lenah Mashiya are the duo behind the perfume Kgosi and Kgosigadi

“When we started, the initial name was Kingdome and Queendome, but after our financial partners came on board, we decided to translate it to something indigenous, having a meaning to South Africans,” they say.


Kgosi and Kgosigadi is currently sold in all nine provinces and Rearabetswe and Lenah say that the products have also been couriered to a few customers in Kenya and Botswana. They also plan to expand their product range. “We are looking forward to releasing more perfumes and lotions soon, with other products that are still in the development phase,” they say. After its release last year, more than 500 bottles of perfume have been sold.


“I believe that the only thing that leads to success is passion and to simply start with what you set yourself out to achieve, not dwelling on setbacks,” Rearabetswe concludes. She is currently enrolled for a Master’s in Chemical Engineering while Lenah is studying towards a Master’s in Entrepreneurship.


Order the perfume online:

When a Chemical Engineer and an Entrepreneur in the making join forces, magic is bound to happen. Add a good dose of ambition and hard work to the mix and you can smell sweet success, like Rearabetswe Dire and Lenah Mashiya, the duo behind the perfume Kgosi and Kgosigadi. Bongani Ramatsetse met them.

I believe that the only thing that leads to success is passion and

to simply start with what

you set yourself out to achieve.

OTLOTLENG HLATSWAYO (21), an Education student at the Soshanguve North Campus (TOILETRY BAG) and GCINILE MRWEBO (22), an Animal Science student at the Pretoria Campus (BACKPACK).






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